Instrumentation Temperature Controller

instrumentation temperature controller

The ITC is an isothermal proportional controller for use in the thermal systems common to analytical instrumentation, and is often used with heated valve enclosures. The desired temperature is set in 1°C increments on the front panel. A thermocouple sensor provides quick recognition of temperature changes.

The power to the heater can be attenuated from 0-90% in 10% increments, an easy-to-use feature which improves temperature stability at the set point to 0.5°C. Maximum output current is 10 amps.

The ITC is available with a range of 0°C to 399°C, in 110 VAC or 230 VAC.

Non-CE; use restricted within the EU.

Instrumentation temperature controller

Description Product No.
ITC - 110 VAC ITC10399
ITC - 230 VAC ITC10399-220
Replacement thermocouple I-21014-01