Series CGV-130 Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

Series CGV-130 syringe
Series CGV-130 syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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  • Side vent
    For easy cleaning and filling
  • Reinforced plunger
    Smaller front section of plunger is confined within guide section
  • Plunger guide in barrel
    Smaller front section of plunger is confined within guide section
  • Leak-tight to 250 psi
    Liquids and gases

The CGV-130 features the same rugged construction as the CG-130, but adds a side vent that can be used for filling or cleaning the syringe. A heavy, reinforced plunger within an enlarged plunger guide section of the CGV-130 barrel virtually eliminates plunger bending. The smaller front section of the plunger is confined within the guide section even when the plunger is retracted, while the sturdy upper section absorbs the force of a rapid downstroke. Pressure rated at 250 psi max, gases and liquids.

Needles for 50 µl and 100 µl syringes are available with .005" and .008" IDs.

Sample size Needle size Product No.
10 µl .029" x .005" x 3.25" 139022
25 µl .029" x .005" x 3.25" 139023
50 µl .029" x .005" x 3.25" 139024
.029" x .008" x 3.25" 139124
100 µl .029" x .005" x 3.25" 139025
.029" x .008" x 3.25" 139125


Fixed needle,
  bevel, open end

250 psi max,
  gases and liquids



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