Microelectric Actuators

microelectic valve actuator
  • CE-certified
  • Automatic alignment
  • Manual or remote control
  • Two position and selector versions
  • RS-232 bidirectional communication
  • Universal power supply, 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC

The microelectric actuator consists of a control module, a stepper motor/gearbox assembly, a manual remote control, interconnecting cables, and a 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC power supply. The RS-232 interface cable, if required, must be ordered separately.

The microelectric actuator is designed for room temperature use. Valves which will be mounted in ovens require a standoff assembly.

Two position

Two position microelectric actuators feature stall-sensing circuitry which eliminates problems associated with valve actuator misalignment. This also means that one actuator can be stocked for a variety of valves.

Multiposition (for selectors)

Multiposition microelectric actuators can be easily programmed to select anywhere from 2 to 96 positions. With a keyed standoff, alignment is automatic.


  • Electric actuators can be directly controlled by signals from microprocessor-based instruments or data systems, unlike air actuators, which require an interface to convert the signal to an air pulse.
  • Valves can be ordered with a microelectric actuator already installed. Refer to:


An actuator can be specified with closemount hardware, with a standoff, or with just the standoff mounting hardware, if your valve already has a standoff.