TrueNano HPLC

True Nano HPLC
World's first true nano HPLC
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  • Operates to 1500 bar (22,000 psi)
  • Includes everything but the detector
  • 360 micron fittings and tubing throughout for higher efficiency
  • Flow rates down to 1 nl/minute for low mobile phase consumption
  • Sample volume as low as 5 nl
  • No long transfer lines to detector

The integrated nanopump/injector comprises an entire chromatographic system in a small footprint weighing a few pounds. With true nanoscale 360 Ám fittings and extremely low flow rates, this system provides split-free injections as close to the detector as possible.

The 360 Ám fittings allow use of higher efficiency columns, packed with smaller particles for an orders-of-magnitude increase in theoretical plate height.

True Nano HPLC
Single pump configuration
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The nanopump can be employed in a variety of other single and multipump configurations, isocratic or gradient, with or without integrated injector and selector valves. The gradient version features integral pressure transducers to monitor and adjust for the differing compressibility of the two solvents.

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Maximum pressure Up to 1500 bar
Maximum capacity* 35 Ál
Minimum flow rate 1 nl/min
Flow rate resolution 340 steps/Ál

*Maximum capacity of smallest model.
 Higher capacity models available.