M Series Syringe-Free Liquid Handling Pump

liquid handling pump

The patented Cheminert® M Series liquid handling pump is a syringe-free pump capable of delivering a bidirectional flow over six orders of magnitude. The M Series is a positive displacement pump, which means that it is self-priming and tolerant of any gas which may find its way into the fluid lines. There is no separate fill cycle, and the capacity is unlimited.

Two basic models are offered the M6 with a flow range of 5 nl/min to 5 ml/min (10 ml/min intermittent), and the M50 with a range of 100 nl/min to 25 ml/min (35 ml/min intermittent). The M6 is also available in a high pressure model, the M6HP, rated to 1500 psi.

USB and RS-485 communication protocols are incorporated into the microprocessor-driven controller. The included software package controls flow rates, flow direction, and metered volumes.

Description Product No.
Model M6 pump
(5 nl to 5 ml range)
Pump, stepper motor,
and controller
Pump and stepper motor CP2-4841-SF1
Pump CP2-4841-D
Model M6HP pump
(5 nl to 5 ml range)
Pump, stepper motor,
and controller
Pump and stepper motor CP2-4141-SF1HP
Pump CP2-4141-DHP
Model M50
(100 nl to 25 ml range)
Pump, stepper motor,
and controller
Pump and stepper motor CP3-8182-SF2
Pump CP3-8182-D
Replacement pump motor M6 CP-DSM
Controller M-Force CP-CMF
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  • Flow cytometry, cell and drug perfusion
  • HTS and robotic systems
  • Infusion and micro-dialysis
  • Micro diluters/dispensers for nl to ml range applications
  • Micro liquid transfers (nl) for micro arrays
  • Microtiter plate dispensing using multiposition valves