Integrated Motor/Selectors - 1/4-28 fittings for 1/16" tubing

Low pressure
Stream selector
1/4-28 Internal
1/16" 0.75 mm

Model 65 stream selectors are integrated motor/valve assemblies designed specifically to be built into OEM system. The compact, lightweight package is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 position configurations.

integrated motor/low pressure selector
Integrated motor/low pressure selector with 1/4-28 fittings for 1/16" tubing
close move

Using the well-proven Cheminert stream selector design and the 24 volt motor from our popular microelectric actuators, the Model C55 needs only to be connected to an instrument's power supply. A single momentary contact closure steps the valve to the next position; a separate contact closure moves the valve to position 1 (Home). An optional serial interface provides more flexible control.

Valves include multicolored Cheminert flangeless fittings for 1/16" tubing.

Integrated motor/low pressure selector or switching valve

Description Positions Product No.
Valve with motor, sensor, and controller 4 C65-3184I
6 C65-3186I
8 C65-3188I
10 C65-3180I
Valve with motor, sensor, and controller,
  RS-232 version
4 C65-3184IA
6 C65-3186IA
8 C65-3188IA
10 C65-3180IA
Valve with motor, sensor, and controller,
  RS-485 version
4 C65-3184IF
6 C65-3186IF
8 C65-3188IF
10 C65-3180IF
Valve with motor and sensor only 4 C65-3184I-S
6 C65-3186I-S
8 C65-3188I-S
10 C65-3180I-S
Replacement rotor 4 C65-314
6 C65-316
8 C65-318
10 C65-310
Replacement stator 4 C65-384
6 C65-386
8 C65-388
10 C65-380


Max press: 250 psi liq
Max temp: 50°C
Stator: PPS
Rotor: Valcon E2


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