Calibration products

A calibration gas standard establishes a reference point for the verification of an analysis. Permeation tube rates can be certified using standards traceable to NIST by the most basic and accurate laboratory procedure – measuring the gravimetric weight loss over a known period of time at a known temperature. Permeation rate data is already established for hundreds of different compounds, and rates for new compounds can be easily certified using NIST-traceable standards.

Permeation tubes and devices

Permeation devices provide a stable concentration of a specific trace chemical, including those with low vapor pressures.

permeation tubes

Calibration gas generators

Calibration gas generators, used with their respective permeation devices, generate known concentrations of various gases and liquid vapors.

Applications include air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and analyses in chemical, petrochemical, paper, power, and related industries.

Model 150 dynacalibrator