World's first TrueNano HPLC!

nano HPLC

The integrated nanopump/injector comprises an entire chromatographic system in a small footprint weighing a few pounds. With true nanoscale 360 Ám fittings and extremely low flow rates, this system provides split-free injections as close to the detector as possible.

Fast temperature programmer

multichannel temperature controller

The multichannel fast temperature programmer can be ordered with up to four zones, providing precise temperature programming with rapid heating and cooling of a low mass nickel-clad or nickel-wire column along with transfer lines and inlets. Ideal for fast, portable GCs, but easily employed on any GC or analyzer.

Column/fan modules

These compact units feature column, fan, transfer lines, sensors, and connections all in one unit. Choose from a wide selection of column types, sizes, and phases, with several fan options.

column module

Column bundles

We offer nickel-clad and nickel wire-wrapped columns wrapped in insulation, with electrical connections for resistive heating applications.

bundled column

Internally purged valves

Internally purged valves

Any leakage across the sealing surfaces and/or any diffusion through the sealing material is purged, facilitating measurement of low ppb atmospheric gas concentrations.

Miniature PDD

The newest member of the PDD family is also the smallest and thriftiest, using only about one fifth (20%) the amount of helium as the D-3 or D-4. With its reduced size, weight, and helium consumption, it is particularly well suited to portable applications.