Nickel-Clad Fused Silica

Nickel-clad fused silica
  • Inert, flexible transfer lines
  • Improved heat transfer

We take polyimide-coated 360 µm fused silica (FS) and remove the polyimide layer. Then we electro-chemically plate the FS with pure nickel to a diameter of 800 µm (1/32"). The resulting nickel-plated FS tube provides superior heat transfer to the FS lining, permitting use as a flexible transfer line with the best qualities of silica-lined stainless but with improved heat transfer and a shorter bend radius.

The 1/32" OD tubing is available in IDs from 10µm to 250 µm (.0004" to .010").

For high pressure applications, we recommend using our 1/32" 316 stainless ferrules.

1/32" OD Nickel-clad fused silica tubing

ID (µm) Product number
  10 TNFS800360010
  15 TNFS800360015
  20 TNFS800360020
  25 TNFS800360025
  30 TNFS800360030
  40 TNFS800360040
  50 TNFS800360050
  75 TNFS800360075
  100 TNFS800360100
  125 TNFS800360125
  180 TNFS800360180
  250 TNFS800360250